Auto-sync profile

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What is Auto-sync profile

Normally, your profile is local to your browser. You can export and import profiles, but any change to it will remain only on your browser. With auto-sync profile, ModHeader will periodically check for updates from the profile, and update your local profile as needed. This is useful if you need to keep your profile in sync across multiple computers, or you want to share it with your team members while keeping the ability the push changes to it.

How to use auto-sync profile

  • When you open up the Import profile dialog, you can select "Import with auto-sync" to import the auto-sync profile. Alternatively, you can also click on ... and select the "Setup auto-sync profile" menu item to enable auto-sync.
  • When auto-sync is enabled, you will see a few extra controls at the top of the profile.
  • Click on "SYNC" button to sync manually.
  • Click on "PAUSE" to pause auto-sync, and "RESUME" to resume auto-sync. When auto-sync is paused, the profile act like a regular profile and will not automatically update. You can still request a manual sync by pressing the "SYNC" button.
  • Click on "STOP" to remove the auto-sync and convert it back to a regular profile.
  • Click on "HELP" to get to this page.
  • Click on the Pen button at the end of the Auto-sync profile URL to change the auto-sync profile URL.

Publishing changes to auto-sync profile

  • If you are the owner of a profile, you can make the changes to the profile in ModHeader, and click on the Export button to publish your changes. Select the "Override profile" button to push the changes to the existing profile.
  • Once your changes are pushed, any user with auto-sync setup will receive the changes in their next sync (once every 30 minutes).

Words of cautions

  • Auto-sync profile allows the profile owner to push changes to your ModHeader remotely. Only import auto-sync profile if you trust the profile owner.
  • When you make changes to a profile with auto-sync enabled, your local changes might get lost during the next sync. If you want your changes to persist, either pause auto-sync, or publish your changes (if you are the owner of the auto-sync profile).