Privacy notice

This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for ModHeader browser extension. This privacy notice applies solely to the ModHeader browser extension itself - not the ModHeader website.

Due to the nature of the ModHeader extension, we will need raw access to the HTTP request and response. As a result, information such as URL, Cookies, Email, Password, etc. may pass through ModHeader's codes.

ModHeader will only operate on the HTTP request / response within the browser itself, and will not save or share them with anyone.

Additionally, ModHeader requires access to the URLs in user's tabs. This is required for URL filtering to work.

User has an ability to set custom request / response headers through the extension, as well as setting custom filters, etc. Some of these custom headers may contain sensitive information such as Authorization tokens, Cookies, etc. These information are saved locally through Chrome's localstorage, as well as synced to the cloud through Chrome's sync storage.

User has an ability to export their profile to a JSON string. Such profile can be shared with others by the user themselves.

ModHeader provides links that can take user to external websites such as (but not limited to) Chrome extension store, Firefox Add-ons store, Paypal's donation site, etc. These websites have have their own privacy practice.

This privacy notice is written by ModHeader developer, not by a lawyer. If you see any mistake, or has some suggestions on how to improve it, please kindly contact us!