Your HTTP headers

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) headers are the core part of the HTTP requests and responses that is transmitted between your browser and the server. These headers, carrying important metadata, allow the client and server to pass additional information with an HTTP request or response.

HTTP headers can be categorized into two major types: Request headers and Response headers.

  1. Request Headers: Contain more information about the resource to be fetched, or about the client making the request.
  2. Response Headers: Hold additional information about the response, like its location or about the server providing it.

ModHeader is a browser extension that helps you to add, modify, and remove HTTP request headers. You can customize HTTP headers based on URL/regex, adjust headers per different requests, and enable or disable headers with ease. Remember, any changes made will only affect your browser so long as ModHeader is enabled and configured as such. Try using ModHeader to modify the your HTTP headers, then click Refresh button below to see the modification.

Request headers
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Response headers
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