SAML SSO setup

SAML SSO is supported for Pro members.

To setup SAML SSO, please send the following informations to

  1. Entity ID
    • e.g., if you are using Okta, this will be in the form:<id>
  2. SSO URL
    • e.g., if you are using Okta, this will be in the form: http://okta.<>/app/<id>/sso/saml
  3. (Optional) If you have an iss field in your SAML configuration, please send that to us too.
  4. SAML certificate (in the following format)




We will typically process your request within 1 business day.

Additionally, please add ModHeader SAML Provider URL to your SAML configuration:

Once SAML is setup, you can go to, and enter the email to login. The email is configured with SAML, you will be redirected to your SAML login URL.

Alternatively, if you have provided us with an iss field, you can go to the following URL to start the SAML login:<url-encoded-iss>

To make sure that ModHeader can fully satisfy your requirements, please schedule a meeting with us: