Organization & License management

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What is an organization

An organization allows you to manage subscriptions for multiple users within your organization / team. You can purchase multiple licenses, then assign them to users within your organization. When a user leaves your organization, can you remove their license and reassign those license to other users. This allows you to manage billing and subscriptions for your users within one account. Additionally, users within an organization can share profiles with organization visibility such that external users cannot access those profiles.

Setting up an organization

  1. Go to to create an organization.
  2. Before you can add more users, you will need to purchase licenses for them. If you do not have enough licenses available, click on Manage subscription to subscribe to the Pro plan, or edit your existing Pro plan.
  3. Change the quantity to include the number of licenses you would like to purchase.
  4. Go back to, and add users to your organization. They will receive an email notification. Upon logging in, they will get their Pro license assigned to their account.
  5. To remove a user from an organization, simply click on Remove button.

Leaving an organization

If you no longer want your account to be managed by an organization, go to and click on Leave organization

Sharing profiles within an organization

When you share a profile, you can select Organization visibility. When this is selected, the profile is accessible by all users within your organization, but not by users outside of your organization.