Managed storage

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System admins can preconfigured ModHeader to load from profiles from enterprise policies. Preconfigured profiles cannot be viewed or edited by the users, and will always be enabled for as long as ModHeader is active.

Force installing ModHeader

Preloading a profile

  • Export the profiles that you would like to preinstall as JSON from ModHeader.
  • Pass the JSON encoded profile to the ProfileJson policy.
  • The policy JSON should look like:
    • { "ProfileJson": { "Value": "<JSON-encoded-profile>" } }

  • For more information on how to configure enterprise policy on various platforms, please refer to:
  • By force-installing and preloading a profile onto the user's browser, you can ensure that the user's browser will always be sending the request headers that you have preconfigured.
  • Note that managed profiles will always be enabled (unless ModHeader is paused), and cannot be viewed or edited by the user. The only way to edit the managed profiles is to update the enterprise policy above.