Dynamic value

ModHeader supports simple dynamic value substitution. In the value fields, if you enter one of these special strings, the values will be replaced at runtime:

  • {{uuid}} - A random UUID v4
  • {{url}} - The current request URL
  • {{url_origin}} - The current request URL's origin
  • {{url_hostname}} - The current request URL's hostname
  • {{url_path}} - The current request URL's path
  • {{url_query.<query_name>}} - The current request URL's query parameter's value. For example, if the request URL is https://example.com/?foo=bar, and the dynamic string is {{url_query.foo}}, then it will be evaluated to bar at runtime.
    • {{url_query.<query_name>}}
  • {{existing_value}} - The existing value (if any)
  • {{timestamp}} - The current time (in milliseconds since epoch)
  • {{iso_date}} - The current time in ISO format (e.g. 2023-07-02T10:42:14.857Z)
  • {{utc_date}} - The current time in UTC string format (e.g. Sun, 02 Jul 2023 10:42:25 GMT)
  • {{ip_v4}} - A random IP v4 value