Stub response

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What is stub response?

Stub response allows you to mock an HTTP response without hitting the actual server.

Use cases

  • Stub a slow or costly backend request to speed up UI development
  • Develop against an API where the implementation is not yet ready
  • Simulate different status codes to test error handling

Adding a stub response

  • Click on the at the top and select Stub response.
  • Enter the URL that you would like to stub.
  • (optional) If you would like to use regex for URL matching, click on the button and enter the regex URL expression in the text field.
  • Click on the Edit response button and enter the stub response status code, body, and headers.
  • Click Save when you are done.

Disable / enable stub response

  • To disable a stub response action, simply uncheck the checkbox on the left side of the row.
  • To reenable, simply check the checkbox again.

Remove a stub response

  • Simply click on the X button on the right side of the row to delete.