About ModResponse

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ModResponse is our new tool that makes it easy for web developers to modify, mock, and replay HTTP response. Unlike ModHeader, which specializes in modifying request and response headers, ModResponse focuses on modifying HTTP response. With ModResponse, you can change the HTTP response body, status code, and response headers.

ModResponse is available for download on Chrome Web Store.

Known issues with ModResponse

  1. You will see ["ModResponse" started debugging this browser] banner when ModResponse is activated. This is because it uses the debugger API, which is needed for response modification. Due to Chrome's security policy (https://crbug.com/1096262), that banner would show up on all tabs even when a tab is not being modified, and it may still for a few more seconds after ModResponse is paused or disabled. To hide it, you can run chrome with --silent-debugger-extension-api command line switch.
  2. Clicking on the "Cancel" button on the ["ModResponse" started debugging this browser] banner will not deactivate ModResponse. To deactivate it, please open ModResponse and click on the "Pause" button. Once paused, the banner should disappear in a few seconds.

How do I contact the support team?

The best way to reach us is to send us an email at support@modheader.com.

When will I get a response?

We will typically get back to you within 24 hours during a business day.