Filter by Tab domain

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What is Tab domain filter

Tab domain filter combines the best of Request URL filter and tab filter. It is especially useful when you want to always apply certain headers to a website and all its dependent resources, regardless of where those resources are hosted.

Tab domain filter vs Request URL filter

Unlike Request URL filter, which works on individual request URLs, Tab domain filters work on the domain of the request's main tab.

For example, your tab's main URL is, and it makes requests to If your request URL filter is set on*, it will not match the requests to

However, if your tab domain filter is, then it will always match, as long as the third party requests are made inside the tab.

Tab domain filter vs Tab filter

When you enable tab filter, all requests within that tab will be matched. Even when you navigate to a different URLs, all the requests in the new URL will also be matched as long as they are in the same tab.

Tab domain filter, on the other hand, always look at the tab domain. If you navigate to a different domain, it will automatically get disabled.

Furthermore, if you set tab domain filter as, then every time you navigate to, the filter will automatically become active again, even if the requests are made on a new tab. You do not need to create a new tab filter every time.