About us

My name is Hao Nguyen. I am the solo founder of ModHeader.

I built the first version of ModHeader in 2021. Back then, I just joined Google as a junior software engineer. My team used a special request header to toggle internal A/B experiments. At that time, the only tool available to change request header at runtime was a Firefox add-on that was pretty tedious to use. Since I prefer using Chrome, I decided to build ModHeader to address my needs. At that time, the webRequest API just went from experimental stage to stable stage, so there were no other Chrome extensions that support header modifications. ModHeader was probably the first such extension in Chrome Web Store.

Over time, ModHeader's popularity continues to grow, and it continues to grow more powerful to address user needs. For 10 years, I maintained ModHeader in my spare time, adding features, fixing bugs, and answering questions. I am extremely grateful for the handful of donations I got along the way, which meant a lot to me. I tried out a few different methods to monetize ModHeader, but they resulted in a negative user experience, so I quickly removed them.

In April 2022, I quited my full time job to focus more on ModHeader and my other projects (I am also the solo founder of ChromeStats, a platform for analyzing and comparing Chrome extensions). I am also experimenting with monetizing ModHeader as a Saas product. I hope ModHeader will continue to deliver values to everyone.

ModHeader is not a startup. It is not funded by venture capital. It is run and maintained by a single person. If you encounter any issue with ModHeader, please kindly report it to me. I will address it as best as I can.